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    New Focus Music

    We recently added eight new soundscapes to the Focus Sounds on the Freedom Dashboard. If you’re familiar with our sounds player and want to skip right over and check them out. The new sounds add a variety of office, library, and nature sounds to the existing coffee shop sounds: Listening to ambient sound, especially when […] More

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    Stay Focus While Studying

    S tudying is tough. Whether you’re a veteran student getting a Ph.D. or someone starting high school, figuring out how to stay focused while studying is a challenge that we all face. Whether your biggest challenge is social media, procrastination, time management, or a combination of all three, we’ve got a variety of tools and […] More

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    Dealing with Change in the New Normal

    H umans, in general, are not particularly enthusiastic about unforeseen change and uncertainty. Partly just because we’re lazy. If we’re used to doing things a certain way, it just adds something else to think about which we’d frankly rather not. But then there’s also the emotional attachment to things we don’t want to let go […] More